Raising a child to her or his highest potential is always a challenge, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, many families are more stressed than ever. Fortunately, the team at The Right Start has years of experience helping families live happier lives, helping children to learn, and getting everyone off to the right start every day! As we all adjust to the new normal, we wanted to share some tips that don’t just help you survive the pandemic, they help you thrive!

1. Communicate
Communication involves not only talking, but also listening. Children and parents both are being additionally stressed, which means that we all need to take additional time to communicate with one another. You may feel like you have more than enough time to talk, but make sure that what you talk about matters—ask your children about their feelings, share your favorite part of the day with your partner, or talk as a family about your hopes for the future. We can get through this together, as long as we work together.

2. Schedule
With everyone schooling, working, and recreating at home, you need a schedule—one you can stick to. What time does your family learn inside? Is it at the same time as you work from home? Is there a time when some of your family can go outside? Don’t limit yourself, but consider making your life easier with a little routine. Kids thrive on routine and predictability (and adults do too, even if we don’t like to admit it!). Be creative, and make sure to add breaks to your day! Screen time can drain brains—and eyes—so make time to get out and enjoy physical activity and movement. After all, do you want to join the “Quarantine 15” club? Moving every day helps your body and your brain to grow stronger.

3. Have fun!
We are in an unprecedented pandemic, which takes a huge toll on everyone’s emotions. We have to stop and have fun in between all this handwashing, social distancing, and working from home! Take time out to eat a popsicle, engage in a creative hobby, or listen to your favorite music. Your children will benefit from knowing that this is another part of self-care, and you’ll enjoy the break.

Don’t allow this pandemic to take over you—take over the pandemic. Create and thrive! If you need help stepping up your stay-at-home game, don’t feel alone—our in-home nannies and tutors are in high demand. The Right Start Staffing Agency can help for a few hours, or through your whole workday. To learn more about who we are, visit us online, email our founder at info@therightstartstaffing.com, or follow us on Instagram!