Does your childcare center need a teacher? We have them! We support childcare centers with temporary substitute teachers, lead teachers, and assistant teachers, all within your state’s guidelines!

Frequently Asked Questions

What credentials do your teachers have?

Our teachers and substitute teachers are licensed and credentialed to practice in their state. Those working with very young children have the requisite early childhood certifications needed. All pass extensive background checks and verifications for security.

What is the minimum amount of time required to hire a temporary staff member?

Due to COVID-19, The Right Start Staffing Agency is no longer offering temp nannies or temp teachers, but rather quarn-teams are specifically designed to meet the needs of your center and this team is only assigned to your center.  This is to ensure the health and safety of both children and staff. 
The Right Start Staffing Agency requires a minimum of 4 hours of employment for our temporary staff. Please contact our office for availability in your area.

If we find a temporary teacher who our students love, can we hire them?

While we typically place temporary staff at various locations, we understand that a perfect fit is a
great find! Please arrange a conference between your agency, our staff member, and our office to
discuss changes to the contract.