Pre-school and School Age
Learning PODS now forming

Pre-school and School Age Learning PODS now forming:

“Why should your child suffer in isolation, struggling to learn through a laptop, when they could learn with a small group of friends and a LIVE teacher instead?”

School @ Home Questions:

Do you need —

*Our agency is happy to assist families by matching one of our Nanny Educators or Teachers
to a learning pod you have already started. If you are looking for assistance in creating
a learning pod, we can help with that as well! Please let us know where you are in planning
for your learning pod.

Don’t let your child struggle to learn alone! Boost learning with peers and a skilled Nanny
Educator! The Right Start Staffing Agency is thrilled to help families create learning pods with small groups of students who meet in a shared space to learn and grow. Set up a learning pod with your neighbors, family, or friends, and The Right Start will match a Nanny Educator to your needs. Want to start a learning pod, but don’t know how? Call today and our expert childcare and education professionals will help you set up this great opportunity. Keep your children safe while allowing them to grow socially and academically!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are learning pods safer during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Reducing contact with others is the most important step in preventing the spread of COVID-19. But your child still needs to socialize! By keeping your child in a learning pod with a small group of others, you can reduce the risk and stay away from crowded areas like schools. Your child will likely be learning with neighbors or friends who are already “exposed” to one another in a cohort setting. Likewise, a dedicated Nanny Educator will interact with fewer people than a schoolteacher, reducing your child’s risk and your family risk.

How do you bill for Learning Pods?

We provide special pricing per pod, so contact our office for a quote.

How do I know the children will be safe with the Nanny Educator?

The Right Start places your child’s safety as our utmost concern. All our tutors have passed background checks, checks against criminal registries, and are well-vetted, and all receive training and maintain full first aid and CPR certifications. In addition all employees of The Right Start Staffing Agency must be Fully Vaccinated and have a medical clearance from a licensed medical professional to work with children. Check out the information in our “For Families” page for the full list of qualifications our staff must pass!

Will the learning pod work with the same Nanny Educator every day?

Yes. To limit exposure and to ensure the least exposure for your learning pod, our Nanny Educator will work with your learning throughout the designated time period. We may use a “substitute nanny” if your regular nanny is ill, or may cancel sessions, depending upon your learning pod’s needs.

What credentials do the Tutors have?

All tutors have a bachelor’s degree at minimum. Some of our tutors are prior school teachers and have their teaching credentials as well.