Many parents across the world place their children in the care of others„whether this is at a daycare center, with a relative, or with a dedicated, high-quality childcare provider. If you’re leaving your child or infant with someone you already know and trust, the process can be easy. However, when you leave your child with a stranger, you’re taking a big step. You’ve certainly done your homework and found a nanny who comes highly recommended and with a sparkling clean record, but can you truly trust this person or should you take the additional step of installing a nanny cam? As professional staffers for in-home childcare, substitute teachers, and more, the staff at The Right Start has some important insights!

Pros of Nanny Cams: Right off the start, the nanny cam has some benefits. Especially for children who cannot speak for themselves, the nanny cam lets parents keep an eyeŽ on their kids, from a distance, or after the fact. These have been very helpful tools that have prevented abuse in many situations. Nanny cams can also be a helpful way for parents and childcare providers to share and document concerning or milestone behaviors that a child may show, such as new problems separating from parents or first steps.
Cons of Nanny Cams: As most nannies will tell you, hidden cameras are creepy! While many childcare agencies operate with video surveillance, it can be surprising to realize that you are not truly aloneŽ when you think they are. Further, if your nanny is tidying up, the camera may be moved, misplaced, or otherwise out of action. This can harm the relationship between you and your childcare provider.

Best Practice Tips: How can you get the best of both worlds? A great idea is to let the nanny know that there is a nanny cam„and invite cooperation! This way, your nanny never gets filmed without knowing it, and it may turn into a useful tool. If you ever suspect abuse or neglect, don’t turn to a nanny cam„turn to a new nanny!

One of the best tools to ensure peace of mind while your child is receiving professional childcare in NYC is hiring from a reputable source. When you hire from The Right Source, you can trust that we’ve done all the legworkŽ for you to find a reputable, trustworthy professional to work with your child. Call today to find a childcare solution that works for your family!