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Household Manager in
Alexandria VA

Household Manager in Alexandria VA

Keep the day-to-day operations of your home running smoothly!

Household Managers in Alexandria Virginia are the time-saving solution for parents who want to focus on spending more time with their children while making sure the house is managed effectively, including busy career professionals who need to dedicate an enormous amount of time towards their businesses. You can’t be everywhere at once, so why not let someone else manage the mundane tasks in your household, leaving you free to enjoy your time with your family. A Household Manager is like a central scheduler for your whole family, and your life will change once you discover how valuable they are to have in your home!

Household Managers in Alexandria handle these tasks with ease:

  • Run errands and tackle the to-do list
  • Coordinate with skilled professionals for scheduled household services like repairs
  • Shop for food, hygiene items, and other household supplies
  • Communicate closely with employer for high satisfaction
  • Plan and coordinate the family schedule
  • Assist with scheduled payments and management of bills and household accounts
  • Supervise other household domestic staff
  • Perform household cleaning and laundry services
  • Plan and coordinate vacations, travel, and family trips
  • Allow you to relax and enjoy your home and family!

Need a cook or professional driver for your family? Just ask! We have Household Managers available with specific skills and qualifications in these areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours per week do household managers typically work? Is there a minimum time commitment?

Yes, Household Managers usually are full-time employees.

How long can I expect the same household manager to stay with my family?

Your Household Manger is committed to your family and he/she is typically hired to be a part of your family on a long-term basis. You can expect to have your Household Manager part of your family for at least two years if not longer.

What sort of experience do your household managers possess?

Our Household Managers have at least 3-5 years’ experience working with families. We search for candidates that have strong skills of management within the household.

Do your household managers have experience training other domestic staff?

Absolutely. Our Household Mangers are trained and quailed to not only train other domestic staff be overseeing them as well.

How do we arrange payment for our household manager?

Household Mangers are directly hired with your family. Household Managers are normally paid an annual salary with benefits.

What role does The Right Start Staffing Agency play in helping families work with household managers?

The Right Start Staffing Agency represents and work on behalf of families to recruit passionate, qualified, and trained Household Managers that posses at least three-five years of experience. In addition, our agency coaches’ families through the entire interview and on-boarding process. After placement, our agency offers support on an on-going basis.