Homeschooling in
Alexandria VA

Homeschooling in Alexandria VA

If you’re stuck homeschooling in Alexandria Virginia, you’re probably tired of playing teacher while managing your own work-from-home duties! Hire a virtual tutor or nanny from The Right Start Staffing Agency and make homeschooling easy!
The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down for parents and kids. Why add additional stress by trying to be a teacher, too? Reduce stress and get your child expert educational assistance that meets your family’s homeschooling needs. We have three great packages to choose from!

Private Educator

Skilled nanny educators are available for one-on-one, homeschooling instruction for your child. This may include helping with homework assignments, monitoring attendance for virtual learning, and building upon previously learned skills. We even help your child get organized, helping you and your child enjoy the day as much as possible.

Learning Pods

The Right Start Staffing Agency is so excited to help families create learning pods! These are small groups of students who come together for homeschooling in Alexandria—like an enhanced study group! If you have a learning pod set up with your neighbors, family, or friends, we can work to match a skilled Nanny Educator with your existing group. If not, start one of your own with our help! Call today to find out more about how learning pods keep your child safe while promoting social development.

Virtual Tutors

For students who need an extra set of eyes on their work, a virtual tutor is a perfect option. Our skilled Virtual Tutors will help your student stay on task via Zoom, helping to promote accountability, time management, and organization while homeschooling. If your child needs help, our tutors have creative ways of showing and sharing materials over the web to build success and confidence with academics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is School @ Home safer than traditional brick and mortar school?

During times of contagion, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to reduce your risk by reducing contact with others. While children have been the least likely to be affected by this outbreak, you can have peace of mind when your child is attending School @ Home!

How do you bill for Learning Pods?

We provide special pricing per pod, so contact our office for a quote.

How do I know my child will be safe?

The Right Start places your child’s safety as our utmost concern. All our tutors have passed background checks, checks against criminal registries, and are well-vetted, and all receive training and maintain full first aid and CPR certifications. Check out the information in our “For Families” page for the full list of qualifications our staff must pass!

Will my child have the same tutor every day?

Yes. To limit exposure and to ensure your child feels safe and comfortable, the tutor will work with your child throughout the designated time period. We may use a “substitute tutor” if your regular tutor is ill, or may cancel sessions, depending upon your household needs.

What credentials do the Tutors have?

Our Nanny Educators and Virtual Tutors have backgrounds in education and childcare, and are skilled in the subjects they tutor. They excel at helping your child understand materials, stay organized, and get the most from their online or at-home learning experience.

Will your School @ Home service be available after the pandemic ends?

We hope this pandemic will end quickly, but we plan to keep the best parts. With hope, a vaccination for the COVID-19 will be found soon, but if you and your child like online learning, our team will be available for ongoing support and School @ Home options.