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Why it Pays To Hire A Staffing Agency in Today’s Economy


Economists are referring to the past few months as “The Great Resignation” because of how many employees have voluntarily separated from their jobs. When your firm needs staff, should you hire a staffing agency in DC, MD, VA, NYC, or FL? If you like your bottom line, the answer is yes! Keep reading to find out why!

Your time is valuable.

If you run a business, or even if you hire an office manager to run that business, your time is important. Hiring new employees is part of any business, but if you need to hire many employees, need a recurring stream of staff for new positions, or are struggling with high rates of turnaround, you may find that the staffing process is cutting into normal business hours. Free up your managers for more important tasks when you hire a staffing agency in Alexandria to help.

Recruitment is costly.

It would be great to outsource everything, but extra help comes at a price. Unfortunately, recruitment does, too. From paying to place advertisements online and in print, to scheduling time to screen and interview job candidates, you can spend all day! Some employees in today’s market are putting in many “hopeful” applications—applying for jobs they are not fully credentialed for. This may give a few people an unexpected boost, but for most, it simply translates into more paperwork to sort. When you work with a professional staffing agency in DC, you can trust that your staff will meet or exceed your requirements.

Back to the drawing board with new employees.

Have you found the perfect employee, only to have them leave the firm a few months later? Now you have to start the recruitment and hiring process all over again! Don’t go back to the drawing board—let the professional staffing assistants at The Right Start handle it for you again.

Unless you’re in the professional staffing business, why waste your time hunting for new staff all the time? Let The Right Start help with your professional staffing needs and focus on the work you do best.

Temporary Newborn Care Specialist
$31.00 per hour (one infant)
$36.00 per hour (twins)

Please note: To assist with your childcare needs, our agency is now offers extended on-call hours via telephone.
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