Full-time Nanny in
Alexandria VA

Full-time Nanny in Alexandria VA

Your child’s well-being is top priority to you and to us! For the ultimate childcare assistance, you need a full-time nanny! The Right Start matches live-in and live-out nannies with families for the best in childcare. Our recruiting team makes this process easy for you. Not to mention, our thorough vetting process and extensive background screening ensures that your child is in the safe hands of a passionate and qualified caregiver.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rates for a full-time nanny?

Please see our pricing page for full pricing details—prices vary depending on your needs.

How long does the contract last?

For full-time nannies, we typically start with a one-year contract. Having a strong relationship with a trusted, dependable adult helps your child to develop physical, emotional, intellectual, and educational skills.

What if the nanny and my family are not a good match?

When you work with The Right Start Staffing Agency, we guarantee a great match! If you find that your nanny isn’t working out for you or your child, we’ll help match you with another one.

I’m sure our nanny is great, but not for our family. Will the nanny or my family be penalized?

Not at all! We understand that a full-time nanny is a close part of your family. Everyone should feel
very comfortable, and sometimes personalities just don’t match! Talk with your nanny and contact
The Right Start to make other arrangements.