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Family Assistants in
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Family Assistants in Alexandria VA

Simplify your life and hire a Family Personal Assistant today!

Family Assistants in Alexandria Virginia simplify your life! Not only does a Family Assistant take on some of the responsibilities of a traditional nanny, such as helping kids get ready for school and driving them to activities, your Family Personal Assistant will take an active role in helping to manage the household as well, leaving you with less stress and more time to do what you love!

Do you have older children or teenagers? If so, they may rebel at the thought of a “nanny” or “babysitter.” However, as a parent, you know your family still needs some help as it grows. If you’d rather not serve as Parent Taxi, if your family needs to get organized, or if you just wish you had more quality time available, The Right Start Staffing Agency has the solution: Our Family Assistants are helpers for today’s busy family!

Here’s how a Family Personal Assistant can help your family:

  • Assist children with virtual learning, homework help, and being ready for school
  • Coordinating transportation for children’s practice, competitions, and appointments
  • Coordinating and managing the family and children’s schedules
  • Shopping for food and household supplies and preparing meals
  • Assistance with laundry and other household chores
  • Petsitting services available
  • Assistance with household administrative and management tasks
  • Planning and coordination of travel and recreation
  • Building an organized, structured place for your family to grow
  • Freeing up spare time so you can you enjoy your home and family

Don’t wait to get the help your family needs! For a personal assistant who assists the whole family, contact The Right Start Staffing Agency today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I can trust nannies from your agency?

All nannies working with The Right Start have passed extensive safety, background, and records checks to ensure they are as safe as possible at your care center.

How soon can I find a nanny?

Call us today to check on our availability. We have a staff of on-call nannies who we may be able to match with your needs.

What is the minimum amount of time required to hire a part-time nanny?

Due to COVID-19, The Right Start Staffing Agency is no longer offering temp nannies or temp teachers,
but rather quarn-teams are specifically designed to meet the needs of your center and this team is
only assigned to your center. This is to ensure the health and safety of both children and staff.

And for families: We no longer offer temp nannies to ensure the health and safety of your family and
our staff.

If we find a temporary nanny who our child loves, can we hire them full-time?

While we typically place temporary nannies at various locations, we understand that a perfect fit is a great find! Please arrange a conference with our office and your nanny to discuss changes in contract.