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Finding good staff members can really be a challenge these days. Alexandria’s professional staffing agency knows that employees are hard to find, hard to train, and hard to retain. That keeps our team as busy as ever trying to find ways to make your staffing needs easier. One of the best ways to keep your office staffed is to offer your employees the best benefits around. Keep reading to see some workplace benefits that can inspire your staff to stay!

Provide or Pay For Childcare Services to Retain Employees
The biggest barrier to employment for many people these days, especially women, is the skyrocketing cost of childcare! After the pandemic, many working moms stopped working because it stopped making financial sense—childcare would cost more than wages, especially for those with more than one child. So why not help your team care for their children? Whether you provide on-site childcare or reimbursement for costs, staffing agencies in Alexandria see far higher retention from firms that provide childcare.

Offer a “Refer An Employee” Bonus
Ever hear the saying “birds of a feather fly together”? This is often true of employees as well. If you have a friendly, responsible employee, they probably have friendly, responsible friends. Perhaps they know someone who is looking for a job! Providing incentives for employee referrals can boost your team easily.

Consider Flexible Scheduling
As a final note, consider flexible scheduling at your office. When you offer your team the chance to work at home sometimes, come into the office as needed, and focus on doing their work when they feel the most ready, you can improve performance while retaining staff.

Remember, most businesses are looking for employees right now! If you don’t offer strong enough incentives for your staff, they might not stick around. For help finding new employees in Alexandria, call The Right Start Staffing.