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Find a Qualified Professional

Let The Right Start help you find the right nanny to meet your child’s physical, educational, emotional, safety, and in-home quality
childcare needs. We actively recruit passionate and qualified candidates to meet your nanny job description as well as matching
skilled educators with childcare facilities.

Summer Nannies

We want to make this summer easy for your family! In fact, Thanks to the new American Rescue Plan Act, 2021, hiring a Summer Nanny not only be the safer route, but will cut your child care cost even more. Here at The Right Start Staffing Agency, we will take your savings a step further by employing Your Summer Nanny for you. Which means no payroll set up, and no employer taxes. We take care of it all!

Temporary Caregivers

Our agency is equipped to staff care for your family in a pinch! The Right Start Staffing Agency has had the privilege to staff high profile clients, high government appointed officials, celebrities, and a variety of different families, cultures, and backgrounds.

Homeschooling in Alexandria VA

If you’re stuck homeschooling in Alexandria Virginia, you’re probably tired of playing teacher while managing your own work-from-home duties! Hire a virtual tutor or nanny from The Right Start Staffing Agency.

Household Manager in Alexandria VA

Keep the day-to-day operations of your home running smoothly! Household Managers in Alexandria Virginia are the time-saving solution for parents who want to focus on spending more time with their children while making sure the house is managed effectively.

Childcare Center Staffing Alexandria VA

Childcare center staffing is one of the biggest components of effective daycare or childcare center operations. Our childcare center staffing in Alexandria Virginia can help you find the best staff at The Right Start!


Does your childcare center need a teacher? We have them! We support childcare centers with temporary substitute teachers, lead teachers, and assistant teachers, all within your state’s guidelines!

Full-time Nanny in Alexandria VA

Your child’s well-being is top priority to you and to us! For the ultimate childcare assistance, you need a full-time nanny! The Right Start matches live-in and live-out nannies with families for the best in childcare. Our recruiting team makes this process easy for you. Not to mention, our thorough vetting process and extensive background screening ensures that your child is in the safe hands of a passionate and qualified caregiver.

Admin Staffing in Alexandria VA

Small childcare centers often need administrative support, but not full-time. Hire a temp! Our temporary administrators are well-versed in the needs of childcare centers and can help transform your center into a productive, modern facility.

Child Care Services in Alexandria VA

We provide high quality in-home childcare for essential employees and industries that have “essential personnel.” We also help families who aren’t ready for their children to return to childcare centers or are unable to return due to new restrictions. With our One to One Program, we believe it is the safest option for families during this critical time.


Million US children receive care from someone
outside of their family

Want the best care for your child? When you hire a trusted nanny staffing agency in DC, you can work or relax knowing that your child is taken care of, inspired to grow, and encouraged to be the best they can be!


Of full-time working mothers need help
with childcare

Effective childcare helps women stay competitive in the marketplace, and can help children grow and thrive! Find the best staff for your daycare or childcare center and watch those children bloom.


The average growth rate for childcare
needs by 2022

Are you planning to grow your family? Start planning for childcare now and find a skilled nanny from The Right Start Staffing Agency! With strong references and safety training, our nannies are practically perfect for your family!