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Child Care Services in Alexandria VA

All New One to One Childcare Program

Child care services in Alexandria Virginia have never been more important. While you’re at work, or working from home, who is providing child care services for your little ones? The expert one-to-one childcare providers at The Right Start Staffing Agency provide high quality in-home childcare for essential employees and industries that have “essential personnel.” We also help families who aren’t ready for their children to return to childcare centers or are unable to return due to new restrictions. With our One to One Program, we believe it is the safest option for families during this critical time. Make your childcare services work for you and hire a skilled childcare provider, in-home tutor, or nanny educator for your children!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the one-to-one childcare program keep my child safe?

Our childcare providers follow all CDC guidelines and come equipped to provide a safe, fun and loving environment right in the comfort of your own home.

Will my child have the same childcare provider every day?

Yes. To limit exposure and to ensure your child feels safe and comfortable, the same nanny or childcare provider will care for your child throughout the designated time period.

What is the time commitment to join this program?

Due to the pandemic, so much of the near future is uncertain in the childcare world, therefore, families are able to participate in this program on a quarterly basis.

I thought kids weren’t at high risk of catching the virus?

While children are at lower risk than adults, they can still become very ill. Further, children are often thought to be at high risk of spreading the virus to adults. For the ultimate safety of your child and the rest of your family, limiting contact with others is best practice.